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  • • • -Map Fixes- • • • • •
    - AutoRIP
      * Test Room Panel bug.
      * Warehouse alert message.
    - Ballistic
      * Sniper nest alert message.
      * Fan entrance blocked until Generator is done.
    - Desolate][
      * Base Main Doors lock.
      * Spawnpoint bug.
    - GolgothaAL
      * Books removed.
      * Added ShieldBelt at Undead temple on ProAS mode.
    - SaqqaraAL & SaqqaraSE
      * Scarab Doors lock.
    - SnowDunes
      * Tower Doors lock.
    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •
    • • -Generic Fixes- • • • • •
    - Throwweapon
      * Fixed random client crashes online using throwweapon command.
    - BindPort failure
      * Fixed a bug that made UT bind a wrong port for queries when certain maps came together, making servers appear offline on the browser and webadmin not accessible.
    - Spectator mode
      * Spectators can go through teleporters.
      * Fixed a bug that made spectators crash when using jump command twice.
      * Fixed ShieldBelt texture problem.
      * Fixed screen turning upside-down while spectating.
      * Fixed server crash on ending camera.
    - Server Browser
      * Servers won't kick you for browsing your server list while playing.
    - Spawn protection
      * It will start fading off when you move or shoot the first time.
    - EndMatch
      * If sent via DataLink (2 hours rule invoked) will finish match inmediatelly if the server was empty, so the following match won't be delayed in case of no-shows.
    - UTV
      * Besides the improvements for spectators LeagueAS136 contains extra support for UTV.
      * Client's hud will show Assault info properly such as team names, scores, completed objectives and critical events messages.
    - DemoManager
      * Auto-Record feature should work properly now, either offline or online.
    - Minigun & Pulsegun
      * Pulsegun fixed so it can't shoot through walls.
      * Minigun and Pulsegun made tickrate independent. Power equivalent to tickrate 20.
      * "Getweapon minigun2" and "Getweapon pulsegun" binds won't work anymore. Replace them with "switchweapon 7" and "switchweapon 5", respectively.
    - BehindView
      * Disabled except for spectators, player death animation and ending camera.
      Can be enabled for public mode and practice sessions. However BehindView will be always disabled on match mode despite of this setting.
    - Dodge bug
      * An attempt to fix it. Hard to test as it's not a bug you can reproduce. Will be needing some feedback on this one.
    - LeagueAS-SP.ServerQuery
      * Upgraded to v440 to include protection against DOS attacks.
      It makes gametype "Assault" so the servers will be advertised on the standard Assault tab without any change required on clients browsers.
    - Moderator
      * Default password is set to blank (which means no moderator possible unless you set one) for obvious security reasons.
      Moderators can't change gametype via servertravel command anymore. It made you lose moderator ability thus losing your practise session.
    - MaxPauseTime
      * Is set to 0 by default as this is the required value for League games.
    - bAdminNameScore
      * Is set to True by default. This way IRC match Reporters will show teams and scores correctly.
    - bServerNameGameType
      * Is set to True by default. This will add the current gametype at the beggining of your server's name.
      * Added an extra bar at start so we will identify servers upgrading to 136. They will be all together on the server's list.

            example:   | StdAS | utassault.net EU Match Server #4

      * Added | 2v2AS | gametype tag for servers running 4 players and Anti HammerLaunch mutator. This way you will identify servers properly configured for 2v2 games.
    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •
    • • -Features- • • • • •
    - Moderator
      moderator togglepracticemode command is now available.
      Practice mode will be disabled on the map change so it won't affect following events on the server.
    - Kick on map change protection
      * Server will store players and spectators IP's at the end of each map and reserve a slot for them on the next round.
      Can be disabled by setting:


      under [LeagueAS136.LeagueAssault].

      Time the server will wait is configurable as well (default 30 seconds):


      It's disabled automatically on match mode.
    - SetRedScore & SetBlueScore
      * Will be available for admins on match mode, replacing the old VoidMapRed & VoidMapBlue commands.
      * Difference is these new commands allow you to modify the scores either way up or down and the change makes effect inmediatelly.
      * It won't however take into account the Match Length so you can expect the match to finish either too early or too late if you modified scores mid game.
        admin setredscore <value>
        admin setbluescore <value>
    - MapList
      Now is possible to set a maplist easily using console commands only.
      maplist command with no option will return something like this:

        AS-Frigate <---------

      Arrow indicates the "current map". Actual map running might be different if it was not part of the maplist, server will jump to "current map" after this one is complete.

      Admins can furthermore use the following commands:

        maplist gotostart makes server jump to the "current map".
        maplist shortcuts shows all the shortcuts usable in the maplist command. Some of them are:
          ast AS-Asthenosphere.unr
          aut AS-AutoRIP.unr
          bal AS-Ballistic.unr
          bri AS-Bridge.unr
          dst AS-Desertstorm.unr
          dso AS-Desolate][.unr
          fri AS-Frigate.unr
          gol AS-GolgothaAL.unr
          gua AS-Guardia.unr

        maplist set <map1> / <map2> / ... / <mapN>

        ...will result in the following maplist:

          <mapN> <---------

        You can set another map as current by adding "!" in front of the name, and you can use the shortcuts listed above. Example:

        maplist set ast/aut/!bri/dst/fri

        AS-Bridge.unr <---------
    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •
    • • -Security / Cheat Protection- • • • • •
    You won't see a bot on an Assault server for a long time!.....
    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •