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    Client Installation
    To play on a League Assault server you do not need to do any installation, however to play League Assault offline or to access League Assault's client options you will need to perform some level of client installation.

    Client Package Installation

    *WARNING: If you have previously installed the LeagueASBrowser you should delete the LeagueASBrowser.u and .int files from your UT's system directory first.*

    Client package installation allows you to access League Assault's options window, and make use of the enhanced server browser, it is recommend ALL frequent League Assault players should perform the client package installation:

    Download and extract the client package (LeagueAS-CP) into your UT's system directory (the package contains a .u and .int).
    Open your UnrealTournament.ini file in a text editor and locate the [UBrowserAS] section. Modify this section so that is looks exactly as follows:


    NOTE: If you copy & paste from your browser ensure there are no spaces at the end of the lines.

    Start UT. You should now be able to access League Assault's options from the Mod menu and have a new "Assault - Populated" tab in the server browser.
    Offline Play Installation

    To play League Assault offline (or to launch your own private lan servers) you should follow the client package installation above and in addition download and extract the Server (LeagueAS-SP) and Main (LeagueASXXX) packages to your UT's system directory.

    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •
    • • -Upgrading- • • • • •
    Configuration (Clientside)

    To use your current LeagueAS (137) settings (colors, smilies,...) on this new version you can...
      a) download the package and install it. You will then get a new Mod-Menu "League Assault 138" where you can change your settings
      - or -
      b) open your user.ini, copy all sections that begin with [LeaugeAS137.xxx] and then rename the copied sections to [LeagueAS138.xxx]
      - or -
      c) type in console: "hudtoggle 2" to enable the most common settings for smilies/colors

    Configuration (Serverside)

    If you update your server to LeagueAS138 you should delete the LeagueAS137.int file or you will get the mutators (for example, InstaGIB Assault) listed twice in the webadmin. However as long as your provider's UCC startline is starting LeagueAS136 you have to keep the .u file and switch the server after restart.
    • • Updated by No-one - December 21, 2004• • • • •